SingularityU Virtual Summit – Chile

Virtual Summit es desarrollado por BeSTinnovation partner estratégico de SingularityU.

If you haven’t heard, our annual Chile Summit is virtual this year. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the program has been completely reimagined.

This event will be free, flexible, and democratic. It will start on June 30th and continue throughout July with up to three hours of sessions per day. You choose the sessions that interest you most.

Topics include:

  • Transforming legacy companies in the post-pandemic world
  • The future of the transportation industry
  • Leading a Board in times of pandemic, and the role technology plays
  • The Obsolescence of Global Governance
  • Digital ethics in the XXI century
  • How to develop an agile work culture in times of COVID
  • Business of the future: Companies with impact and profitability
  • Global Food Security: Current Disruptions and Future Abundance
  • Democratization of space
  • Energy in the post-pandemic world
  • Education and job retraining
  • Jobs in the post-pandemic world

This virtual summit presents a critical and optimistic view on how to rethink the local and global challenges of our society. Our objective is not only to plant questions and ideas, but also to encourage you to join this transformation. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and be part of the SingularityU network of change agents. Space is limited.